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Justin Dickson

I've been involved in the fitness industry since I graduated high school but became bored of the same old ridiculous routines that the fitness industry put out.  "Shred fat quick", "Gain massive muscle in minutes".  Pump iron, cardio, repeat 4-6 day per week. BORING!! It got real old and I never really felt challenged. Then I was introduced to CrossFit and everything changed. I felt challenged for the first time in years. Read More

Vi Diamond

Crossfit came to me by way of injury. I can almost thank the injury for introducing me to CrossFit. I had hurt my back really bad in a hard landing in a helicopter back in 2003 and our navy physical therapist told me about it. Read More

Brock Dickson

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Cassidy Duffield

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Jonas Machado

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Shantai Dickerson

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Jacke Dickerson

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