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Workout of the Day



Main - WOD


30 cal AD (don't step on the pedals please!)

Group warm up, be ready at 5 minutes after the hour!


3 Attempts FOR QUALITY at Max Effort L-Sit on Parallettes* (can sub in boxes, dumbbells, etc. just get your butt off the ground.) If your max effort sets are not at least 0:20, accumulate 1:30 in total time.
Try not to bend your knees!

Handstand Work against/facing wall:
:30 Chin to Toes HS Hold
10 Shoulder Shrugs
10 Shoulder Taps
10 Straight Arm Hip Taps


Teams of two complete 5 rounds each, relay style.

Metcon (Time)

5 RDS each relay style
10 burpees
20 wall balls 20/14
100m run



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Main - WOD



3 rounds: 25 double unders 8 GHD sit-ups 8 GHD ext 20 hollow rocks :30 plank hold


Alternate and rest 90 seconds between A1 and A2

A1: Tempo bench press @5-1-5-1 (Establish a 1RM then 3X3 @80%)

A2: Tempo 45 degree row @5-1-5-1 (Establish a 1RM then 3X3 at 80%)


Metcon (Time)

50 double unders 40 pull-ups 30 burpees 20 shoulder to overhead 135/95 10 HSPU


Main - WOD


500m row
10 wall squats
10 PVC pass thru
10 PVC good mornings
1:00 pigeon pose each leg
2X:30 bottom of squat holds


Rest 2:00 between sets

Back Squat (As heavy as possible 6-5-5-5-5-6)


Metcon (Time)

5 rounds:

10 box jumps 30/24
10 OHS 95/65
10 alt pistols

rest 1:00



400m run or 500m row

3 rounds

5 cartwheels (each arm)

10 backwards rolls

10 squat jump tucks

30 second handstand



1 Wall Walk

2 Pull-ups

3 Sit-ups

4 Broad Jumps

5 Burpees

6 Knees to Elbows

7 Squats

8 Wall Balls

9 Push-ups

10 Jumping Lunges

11 Box Jumps

12 Reverse Burpees



2015 is right around the corner and we wanted to kick it off right by making some big announcements for what's to come at SLCCF with the new year. First off, we would like to thank you for being part of our CrossFit family. Over the past few years we've been recognized as the top CrossFit affiliate in Utah, with nationally recognized olympic lifting program and coaching. We could not have done this without you. In order to stay on top we've got to keep moving forward and offer what the competition isn't.

2015 will bring a long list of exciting new program to our schedule and membership options:

SLC Barbell

SLC Personalized Programming

SLC Personal Training

SLC Yoga

SLC Self Defense

SLC Endurance

SLC Ski Prep

SLC Kid's Camp

SLC Women's skills

SLC Gymnastics

SLC Trail Running

SLC Barbell: Our olympic lifting program has brought us National recognition, producing three USAW Nationals and American Open qualifiers, and one National Champion, all in less time than any other facility in the nation. As a member of SLC Barbell, you will have access to the newest equipment and the best coaching Utah has to offer. Classes will be small and personalized, using the same coaching techniques and program that got our athletes to the top, utilizing video analyzation to breakdown each lift and make dramatic improvements in a short period of time.

SLC Personalized Programming: Not everyone's goals, strengths, and weaknesses are the same. Having your own personalized program will ensure that you reach your goals in the fastest and most efficient way possible. With personalized programming your coach will assess your goals, strengths and weaknesses and custom design a program to fit your exact needs. Included in the program will be your personalized strength and conditioning program as well as personalized nutrition program. Your coach will show you the exact grams of protein, carbs, fats, and calories to consume each day. This will ensure the fastest possible results.

SLC Personal Training: This is our most focused program, where your coach will spend an hour working on anything from gymnastics to Olympic lifting.

SLC Yoga/Mobility: Remaining flexible is an important part of staying healthy and injury free. This new program that we have developed combines all the best parts of yoga, catered to the CrossFit athlete.

SLC Self Defense: Being able to defend yourself is always important. Our self defense program will include jiujitsu and muy thai techniques.

SLC Endurance: Many athletes have a difficult time with running, rowing or swimming for distances. Because of the repetitive nature of endurance sports, efficient movement is paramount. If you don't have efficient movement in these sports, you will suffer. Our endurance program will teach you the latest in proper running, rowing and swimming technique and focus on perfect mechanics.

SLC Ski Prep: This program will kick off six weeks before ski season, leaving you primed and ready for the slopes. With a bias towards core, leg strength and conditioning, you'll hit the snow in your best condition yet.

SLC Kid's Camp: We've got a lot of requests for this over the past few years and we're finally doing it. Our kids camp will be a one hour, fun and engaging experience for your kids, teaching them to run, jump, tumble and play in a safe environment.

SLC Women's skills: This class is just for the women. Learn the latest techniques and movements from our female coaches in an all-women environment.

SLC Gymnastics: Are your gymnastics movements not so hot? Not to worry, attend our gymnastics class and we'll iron them out. This class will teach you all the latest gymnastic techniques and progressions, helping you become proficient in the sport.

SLC Trail Running: Time to get out and explore Utah. Utah has some really great trails around our city and it's time you checked them out. Come out and take it all in while getting a great workout.

It's going to be an awesome year and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Main - WOD



500m row 4 rounds of :15 seconds each broad jumps push-ups pull-ups air squats


Alternate and rest 1 minute between A1 and A2.

A1: Tempo press @5-1-5-1 (Establish a 1RM tempo press then 3X3 @80%)

A2: Tempo 90 degree bent over row @5-1-5-5 (Establish a 1RM bent over row then 3X3 @80%)


Each time you break on the double unders complete 1 burpee.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

AMRAP 3:00 double unders rest 2:00 AMRAP 3:00 wallballs 20/14 rest 1:00 AMRAP 3:00 ground to overhead 135/95 rest :30 100 double unders




We've got a big weekend coming up! Three of our Salt Lake City CrossFit lifters have qualified for the 2014 American Open Championships this weekend in Washington DC. If you know nothing about it, just know that it's a pretty big honor to be there. All of our lifters have qualified for the A session, which is also kind of a big deal. You can follow all the action by following this link

Shantai Dickerson hitting a 240lb clean


Our first lifter up this weekend will be Shantai Dickerson. You may recognize her from the gym as the pocket size, heavy lifting baby's mama. Shantai will be competing as a 53kg lifter. For all you American's, like me that don't speak kilo, that's 116 pounds. This will be her first meet competing at this weight. In her previous comps she competed as a  58kg/127# lifter. Shantai plans on opening with a 73kg/160# snatch and a 90kg/198# clean and jerk. If all goes well, her goal for this competition will be to hit 80kg/176# snatch and a 98kg/215# clean and jerk. You can catch her in the A session on Friday night at 5:30 pm.

Here is Jake hitting a 110kg/242# snatch


If you attend our morning classes then you no doubt will recognize this guy as the one who serves you your morning cup of pain. Jake Dickerson will be competing second with a start time on Saturday at 1:30 pm Eastern time. This will be his third national meet. Jake will be competing as a 69kg/151# lifter in the A session. Heading in to this competition, Jake has already hit his first goal, which was to qualify for the A session. This was a big jump from his previous national meets where he has previously competed in the C sessions.  Although he's very happy simply to have qualified for this meet his goal is to finish in the top 7.  Jake plans to open his snatch at 105kg/231# and his clean and jerk at 131kg/288#.  If all goes well Jake hopes to hit his goal for the meet with a snatch of 114kg/250# and a clean and jerk  of 143kg/315#.

Cassidy Duffield with a 205 snatch


Our last lifter for the weekend will be Cassidy Duffield. Cassidy is the 2014 69k National Champion. She will be competing again in the 69kg/151# weight class. If you know Cassidy, you know how many Swedish Fish this girl consumes in a day. Feel free to hate her for being able to do so and maintain that amazing physique. Rumor has it, they are the secret behind her strength. Cassidy is also one of the only active CrossFitters to qualify for the American Open. To be able to compete at such a high level in both sports is a testament to her athletic ability. If you want to catch Cassidy's on the platform this weekend, her start time is on Saturday at 4:00 pm.  Cassidy is looking to open with a 190 snatch and a 230 clean and jerk. If all goes according to plan she will hit 210 on her snatch and 255 on her clean and jerk.

Good luck to all our athletes this weekend!

Main - WOD



200m run 5 traveling inch worms 10 toe touches 20 jumping jacks 10 banded good mornings 1:00 sampson stretch each leg 200m run


Rest 2 mins between sets

Tempo deadlift @5-0-2-0 (Complete 8-6-4-8-6-4)


Each round should be at 90-95% output, rest as needed to maintain. Score your slowest round. Prowler push is down and back, from the first pillar to the last. Men: two 45# each side Ladies: one 45#+25# each side

Metcon (Time)

5 rounds: 10 KB thrusters 53/35 prowler push 180/140


Main - WOD


1000m row then group warm up, be ready to start at 5 minutes after the hour!


20 minutes to complete:

rope climbs
strict HSPU

3X:20 hollow rocks
3X:20 arch rocks

5 ring muscle ups
5 bar muscle ups
5 handstand forward rolls
5 wall walks with a :15 hold in the handstand
against wall:
10 shoulder shrugs
10 shoulder taps
10 hip taps


Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

10 HR push ups
20 cal row
30 KBS 53/35
40 jumping lunges
50 double unders


Main - WOD

We finally got the parts to fix the airdynes. PLEASE don't stand on the pedals when you are getting on and off of them. If the airdynes are broken this winter, we will have to start doing 100 burpees everyday to get warmed up.


30 cal AD or row
3 rounds:
25 jumping jacks
10 GHD sit ups
10 GHD ext
5 GHD glute ham raises
:45 plank hold


Alternate and rest 1 minute between A1 and A2.

A1: Tempo ring dip @5-5-5-5 (Establish a 1RM then 3X3 at 80%)

A2: Tempo strict chest to bar @5-1-5-5 (Establish a 1RM then 3X3 at 80%)


Fran (Time)

21-15-9 Thrusters, 95# / 65# Pull-ups


Main - WOD

Welcome to your new 12 week strength cycle! You will be seeing a lot of tempo work. It's very important you do the tempo as programmed to get the results from this. Tempo work helps correct body positioning, increases mobility, develops connective tissue strength, and increases muscle stamina. The first number is the eccentric, or lowering component of the lift. The second number denotes the pause at the midpoint, or bottom of the lift. The third number is the concentric, or lifting, compoment of the lift. The fourth number denotes any pause at the top. Don't worry, we will explain, demonstrate, and answer any questions you have. ENJOY!


200 run
10 PVC good mornings
10 PVC pass thrus
10 wall squats
10 inch worms w/1 push up
25 jumping jacks


Tempo backsquats @4-2-1-0 tempo. Goal is to increase weight with sets.

Back Squat (As heavy as possible complete 10-8-6-10/ rest 2)


Metcon (Time)

400m run
10 back squats 135/95
25 burpees
500m row
25 burpees
10 back squats 135/95
400m run



400 meter run or 100 double unders

3 rounds

10 Inchworm Pushups

15 burpees

20 meter crabwalk

30 samson stretch



2 Rounds:

500 meter row

50 Wall Balls

50 Dips

50 Box Jumps

50 Pushups