Have any questions about what SLC Crossfit is all about? Shoot us an email by filling out the form below. For any immediate questions, please call us at 801-597-8503. Our frequently asked questions can be seen below.

What is your drop in policy?

Looking to catch a workout while you’re in town? No problem. We love visitors. There are just a couple of rules you’ll need to follow.

  1. Leave the coaching to us.
  2. Come a few minutes early to sign the waiver.
  3. Have fun!
  4. Drop in rate is $20 ($35 with a shirt)
  5. 2 day pass is $35 ($50 with a shirt)
  6. 3 day pass $55 (free shirt)
  7. 5 day pass $75 (free shirt)

I’m scared. Should I be in better shape before I start?

Absolutely not. The truth is, most of our members were scared to start, and they certainly didn’t need to be in better shape. Our one-on-one foundations program is designed for ALL fitness levels. No need to waste time trying to get in better “shape”. You’ve tried that before. We make the transition easy and take it step by step.

Does a membership work at both locations?

Our premium membership will give you access to both locations.

Can I just try it out?

If you’re interested in CrossFit but not quite sure if it’s for you, then let’s schedule you for a free class. You can see what it’s all about.

Is their a beginner class?

Yes, we have a beginners program that will slowly take you from your current level of fitness and have you ready to start our group classes.