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Salt Lake City CrossFit has partnered up with Ultimate Food Essentials to provide the most comprehensive, results driven program in the State. What exactly is the program about? This program combines the two most vital elements required to achieve results: Food and Fitness. This program is specifically customized to meet your goals. Whether you are interested in general health, want to lose weight, gain weight, or are performance driven, we can build the best program to achieve your goals. Simply put, UFE provides the food, SLC CrossFit provides the fitness, you get guaranteed results faster than any other program out there.

Ultimate Food Essentials

Ultimate Food Essentials is a gourmet, all natural food service designed by Chef Giovanni Bouderbala. Chef Giovanni believes in nothing but the freshest, most nutritious, natural foods, that are all organic, wild or free range, and cooked without the use of harmful pesticides or preservatives.  All food is low glycemic and measured for your specific goals. For more information call Justin at 801-597-8503 or follow the link