20 turkish get ups

10 meter handstand walk

20 KB swings

10 inch worm push ups

20 goblet squats


Work up to 1RM pull up


3 rounds for time

200 meter farmers carry (heavy)

30 meter broad jump

40 sit ups

I know many of you are taking part in running events this summer, so let's get a running tune up at the Judges Run 5K on June 9. Here's a link to the registration. A 5K time trial is an ideal measure of power endurance, and can be a great goal for your first run or it can be an effective training tool as a build up to other events. This is for a great cause and I'd love to get a huge crew from the gym to show up for this. I'm going to put a sign up board at the gym, so when you register, put your name on the board. I'll be there...let's race!       -Jason

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