Main – WOD Warm-up 20 jumping jacks 10 air squats 10 PVC pass thrus 10 PVC good mornings 10 hollow arch swings 5 pull-ups 5 CTB Then for 2 mins: single unders each time you stop do 1 burpee Weightlifting Rest 1:00 between A1 and A2 A1: Tempo ring dip @5555 (Establish a 1RM, 3X3 […]


Main – WOD Warm-up 30 cal AD Start at the garage end at the cage, down and back for each movement: alternating high kicks cartwheels (right side down, left side back) carioca (grapevine) inch worms Weightlifting Rest 2:00 between sets Tempo back squat @42×1 (As heavy as possible complete 10-8-6-10) Metcon Metcon (Time) 3 rounds: […]


SLC EAST – WARM UP 800M Run 500M Row 50 Singles 25 Toes 2 Bar 50 Double Unders 250M Row 400M Run PARTNER WOD 25 Minute AMRAP 100 Calorie Row 100 Double Unders 200 Sit Ups 200 Air Squat 400M Farmers Walk 70lbs Men /53lbs Ladies (Partners alternating work every 60 seconds except on the […]


SLC EAST – WARM UP 500M Row 3 Rounds of 07 Good Mornings w/Bar 08 Strict Press w/Bar 09 Hang Power Clean w/Bar (Add Weight Each Round) STRENGTH 20 Minutes to Establish 1RM Power Clean WOD – CF OPEN 15.4 Complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of: 3 handstand push-ups 3 cleans 6 […]


Main – WOD SLC Barbell is cancelled this weekend, see you next weekend at noon for some snatch PRs! Warm-up 500m row Group warm-up starts at 5 mins after the hour! Weightlifting Rest 1:00 between A1 and A2 A1 and A2 is optional if you’re posting a score for 15.4 or if you are lazy. […]


Main – WOD Warm-up 2 rounds: 200m run 1:00 samson stretch each leg 5 PVC pass thrus 5 PVC OHS 5 PVC sotts press 5 banded good mornings 1:00 banded hip stretch then: 5 mins OH mobility Weightlifting Rest 2:00 b/t sets Overhead Squat (1RM OHS @44×1 then 3X3 at 80% w/tempo) Metcon Metcon (Time) […]


Blake bought this 2XL T-shirt when he first started with us. The other day he brought it back because it no longer fit. At SLC CrossFit we deliver great results because we offer a program that focuses on all aspects of fitness. Blake attends classes regularly and he’s sat down with our coaches to develop […]


Main – WOD See you tonight for skills from 5:00-5:30 and barbell from 5:30-6:30 with Cass! Warm-up 400m run Group warm-up starts at 5 minutes after the hour! Weightlifting Rest 1:00 b/t arms, and 1:00 b/t A1 and A2 A1: Single arm dumbbell overhead press tempo @51×2 (As heavy as possible complete 3X8) A2: Single […]


Main – WOD Take a look around the gym and notice how nice and organized things are. Josh Markham spent the day on Saturday reorganizing things. Please make sure you put everything back where you found it, exactly as you found it, so we can keep things looking good. Warm-up 500m row 10 good mornings […]


SLC EAST  WARM UP 400M Run 10 Leg Swings (Each Direction) Butt Kickers (Cage & Back) Power Skip (Cage & Back) Then 2 Rounds of: 10 Jumping Lunges 10 Hollow Rocks 10 Hip Extenstions PARTNER WOD 30 Min AMRAP 800M Run 50 Toes 2 Bar 50 Hip Extension 150M Sled Push (Each Partner Pushes 1/2 Distance)

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