Success Stories

  • Missy Greis-Overcoming Obstacles

    For Missy, growing older doesn’t mean doing less – it means trying new things and taking care of her health. When she joined SLC CrossFit, she wanted to “shake things up a bit” and work on her bone density and strength. Her biggest fear, though, was getting hurt in the process – something her friends warned her could happen. Ironically, an injury came, not from CrossFit, but from skiing, and she learned how to overcome it to keep moving forward.

    “Every coach at the gym has been adaptable, intelligent, and caring, and they’ve worked it out so I can continue. Everyone is friendly, supportive, and encouraging, and you never feel like you’re inept or not enough. This gym is really special!”

    Are YOU ready to move past fear and obstacles to reach your goals?

  • Cassidy Duffield-From Coachable to Coach

    As a gymnast during her younger years, Cassidy grew up having bigger shoulder and leg muscles than her peers – something that made her insecure about her physical image. At the age of 16, she started going to the local gym and chasing “skinny”. She joined SLC CrossFit upon a recommendation from a friend, and she has learned to embrace her body image and accept herself. Now, she even coaches others to make the same transformation.

    “I like helping people to work past the insecurities they have. You walk into a CrossFit gym and people want you to do better and excel. I couldn’t be more proud to be part of the community we have at the gym.”

    Believe in yourself and YOU can do amazing things!


  • Drew Ferron-From Good to Great

    Drew understands the importance of making improvements, even when you feel like you’re already physically fit. His hard work and dedication, paired with SLC’s exceptional coaching staff, have enabled him to get into the best shape ever, even though he’s been involved in athletics the majority of his life.

    With noticeable improvements in conditioning, flexibility, mobility, strength, and agility after just one year of membership, Drew has this advice for others looking to improve their fitness and quality of life: “Enroll in the foundations program, which introduces the importance of nutrition and the basic skills to participate in the workout of the day.”

    Follow Drew’s advice and maybe YOU will be our next good – to – great success story!



  • Bill Crowley-Fueled by Competition

    A lifelong athlete, Bill joined SLC CrossFit to fuel his competitive nature after realizing that competitive training was missing in his previous gym routine. Physical limitations left behind by reconstructive surgery on his shoulder and ankle could have kept him from achieving the high goals he set for himself, but they didn’t. In fact, he now has a greater range of motion than he did in his college athlete days!

    Bill touts the motivation and support of the coaches at SLC CrossFit as being one of the keys to his success. “They are always willing to spend the time to help me with technique, mobility, and to answer any questions I might have.” He highly recommends SLC CrossFit “not only because of the coaching staff’s abilities to help all skill levels but also because the gym provides a family environment that encourages success with healthy competition.”

    Will YOU be our next competitor?


  • Shannon Crowley-Leaving Mediocrity Behind

    Shannon is living proof that we work with all skill levels, and you don’t have to be a lifelong athlete to improve your overall health and strength. She came to us with little athletic background, no experience with CrossFit, and admits she was terrified on her first day! What she did bring with her – motivation and dedication – has helped her to make dramatic changes in her body and become stronger than she ever thought possible.

    “The coaching at SLC CrossFit is top notch and everyone is supportive and just as excited about my victories as I am! Without the coaching and programming that SLC CrossFit offers, I would still be running on the treadmill of mediocrity at the local globo gym.”

    No matter what skill level YOU are currently at, we can’t wait to help you achieve more!


  • Blake Redd-A Life Changing Opportunity

    Many people let their own limitations hold them back from achieving what they were meant to be – not Blake. When he joined us in 2013, his mobility was restricted by previous knee and shoulder surgeries and he couldn’t do squats or overhead movements. Fast forward to the present and he is deep squatting, lifting overhead, and claims he is in the best shape of his life.

    What made the difference for Blake? He decided to make a change. Then, he utilized the coaching and nutrition education from SLC CrossFit to make steady improvements, one day at a time. “Walking through the doors of SLC CrossFit changed my life forever and I haven’t looked back. I would recommend SLC CrossFit to anyone who wants to change their life – young or old, fit or not fit. It will be one of the best decisions they will ever make.”


  • Tessa Morales-Crushing Health Improvement Goals!

    Many of our clients come to us with goals based on building strength, increasing performance, or improving their appearance. Others, like Tessa, simply want to improve their health. Battling a thyroid autoimmune disease that left her with a lot of unwanted weight and low energy, Tessa came to us wanting to get healthier. In addition to losing weight, she has been able to become more efficient with skills and improve her overall health.

    “To me, getting healthier meant being able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded, learning about my diet, and finding what fits best for me. My goals are constantly changing because I am achieving and surpassing things that I never thought were possible. The coaches at SLC CrossFit have helped me immensely by educating me on my diet and working with me on technique and form on a daily basis. SLC CF is a great place to work out and become a better you.”


  • Julia Reid–Seriously Committed to a Lifetime of Fitness

    Don’t let Julia’s sweet smile fool you – this is one gal who is serious about her fitness! When she became bored with her typical gym routine, she followed her son’s advice, joined SLC CrossFit, and never looked back! When she crushes one goal, like hitting a 200-pound deadlift, she just sets the bar higher and keeps ongoing.

    “The coaches at SLC CrossFit make me feel safe but also test my limits. I am encouraged to try things I haven’t done in 50 years! The loud music shared effort, and encouragement are what keep me coming back to SLC Cross Fit day after day!”

    Are YOU serious about your fitness goals and ready to make a change?



  • Lyndsie Hauck-From Olympic Training to CrossFit

    SLC CrossFit is proud to have worked with many top-notch athletes over the years, including Lyndsie, a nationally ranked athlete in the sport of skeleton for over a decade. After missing the 2006 Olympics, she retired from skeleton and turned to CrossFit as a way to fuel her love for competition and pushing herself to her limits and beyond. The high-intensity workouts are reminiscent of her past, but also help her work on improving her weaknesses.

    “I owe a lot to Justin and all the coaches at SLC CrossFit that have helped my journey thus far. The patience and the scaling options submitted for me, as I switch from a more ‘traditional’ athlete to a CrossFit athlete, have been very much appreciated. Without a sliver of hesitation, I would recommend SLC CF to anyone.”

    Are YOU ready to become a CrossFit athlete and join our family?


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