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  • Missy Greis

  • Cassidy Duffield

  • Drew Ferron

    When Drew came to SLC one of his goals was to increase his mobility. In 30 days, he did just that! Just take a look at his mobility before and after pictures! Since these pictures, Drew has been rocking workouts (and continuing to work on his mobility!) as a member for one year.

    Here are some of the kind words Drew had to say about the coaching staff at SLC CrossFit. Thank you Drew and way to go!

    “As you know I have been training at your SLC West facility for about a year and have really enjoyed the experience. The coaches are awesome at providing individual instruction and encouragement and they create a fantastic team environment which inspires and motivates.

    I have been involved in athletics most of my life and have worked out at various facilities on a regular basis.  I have always considered myself to be in good physical shape, however, Crossfit and your program have put me into the best shape of my life.  Not only is my conditioning better but I have improved my flexibility, strength and agility.

    I would encourage anyone looking to improve their fitness and quality of life to enroll in your foundations program which introduces the importance of nutrition and the basic skills to participate in the workout of the day. Thank you.”


  • Bill Crowley

    Bill Crowley has been a member at SLC for 3 years. He has been involved in athletics all his life and when he decided to check out CrossFit he was seeking the competitive training aspect that was missing from his current gym routine. Bill has accomplished  a lot in his time at SLCCF from performance to body composition, including some local competitions. Keep working towards your goals Bill!

    Here is Bill’s story:

    “Being an athlete all my life, I was looking for something to fuel my competitive nature. After playing college athletics, I started to compete in amateur bodybuilding. While I enjoyed bodybuilding, the discipline it required and the stage competition, I missed the every day push to compete. I found that daily competitiveness that I wanted in CrossFit. When I first started at SLCCF I had limitations and big goals. I wanted to improve my range of motion, technique and overall body awareness to become more efficient. I had the brute strength, but knew that I could be more successful if I paired it with better technique, form and mobility. My college ball days created a few limitations. I had reconstructive surgery on both my shoulder and ankle, but I knew I could overcome these challenges.

    The coaching at SLCCF is great. They are always willing to spend the time to help me with technique, mobility and to answer any questions I may have. I have achieved many goals I set for myself and with their help, motivation and support I set the bar higher after each achievement. My range of motion is better now than it ever was as a college athlete despite my shoulder and ankle issues! I would highly recommend SLCCF to all my friends and family. Not only because of the coaching staff’s abilities to help all skill levels, but also because the gym provides a family environment that encourages success with healthy competition.”

  • Shannon Crowley

    Shannon Crowley has been a member of SLC CrossFit for 3 years. In that time frame she has made huge improvement in her overall health and strength. Stay motivated and attack your goals Shannon!

    Here is what Shannon had to say about her experience at SLC CrossFit:

    “I was absolutely terrified on my first day of CrossFit. I had never done any type of dedicated strength training, much less, anything that even remotely resembled CrossFit. Not even bootcamp. I was never a high school or college athlete, but I knew that I had the motivation and dedication to a better athlete than I currently was. I had always been the globo gym cardio queen who wanted to get rid of the extra cushion and gain some strength, but I knew I would never see the results I desired no matter how many hours a week I spent on the elliptical or cycles I did on the weight machines. I needed more. When I walked through the doors at SLCCF I couldn’t do a single strict body weight pull up or a military pushup and the heaviest back squat I had ever done was 95lbs.

    I have come a VERY long way over the last 3 years. Not only have I seen dramatic changes in my body, but I have become stronger than I ever thought I would be. The coaching at SLCCF is top notch and everyone is supportive and just as excited about my victories as I am! I can now do strict WEIGHTED pull ups, hundreds of military push ups (I have RX’d Murph, so literally hundreds of push ups!) and my current 1 RM back squat is 195lbs (this year 200lbs will be mine!). I am so thankful for the coaching and programming that SLC CrossFit offers, without them I would still be running on the treadmill of mediocrity at the local globo gym. Thank you SLC CrossFit!”

  • Blake Redd

    Blake has been a member of SLC CrossFit since mid-2013. With time, effort and coaching Blake has made some significant improvements! But don’t take our word for it, take his and a look at his before and after snatching video! Great work Blake, keep it up!





    “I started at Salt Lake Crossfit in May of 2013. Prior to starting, I had surgery on my left knee in December of 2012. I was released by my doctor in May of 2013 to return to training with restrictions that I would have to follow the remainder of my life. The restrictions were no squats and no running. Prior to my knee surgery, I also had left shoulder rotator cuff repaired as well as surgery on an impingement on my right shoulder which made overhead movements difficult.

    At this point in time, I was burned out with my regular Gold’s Gym weight training routine that I had been following since high school. I decided to make a change and walk through the front door of Salt Lake City CrossFit in May of 2013 at 35 years old. I walked in not knowing what to expect, but spoke with one of the coaches about my inability to perform squats and overhead movements due to my shoulder issues. I was told that it was most likely a mobility issue and that the coaches as SLC CrossFit could help me return to squatting and overhead lifting.  My first week of CrossFit I began deep squatting and lifting overhead. I continually worked on mobility before and after class. At SLCCF, I also was educated on proper nutrition and received help with my macro nutrients. Walking through the doors of SLC CrossFit in May of 2013 changed my life forever and I haven’t looked back. I am 38 years old and in the best shape of my life; my knees and shoulders have never felt better. I can’t thank all the coaches enough for the success I have achieved through SLC CrossFit’s programming.

    I would recommend SLC Crossfit to anyone who wants to change their life; young or old, fit or not fit. It will be one of the best decisions they will ever make.”

  • Tessa Morales

    Tessa has been a member of SLCCF since November of 2014. She has made huge strides in her health and has conquered many goals. We couldn’t be more proud of her! We are glad she choose to be part of the SLCCF family. Keep killing it, Tessa!

    Here is what Tessa had to say about her experience at SLC CrossFit:

    “My husband and I were looking for a CrossFit gym to join shortly after moving to SLC from Phoenix when we found SLC CrossFit. When I first started my goal was to get healthier. To me healthier meant being able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded, learning about my diet and finding what fit best for me. I have an thyroid autoimmune disease which caused me to gain a lot of unwanted weight and I dreaded the simplest of tasks because I had no energy to do them.

    As the months went by at SLCCF I added more to my goal of losing the weight that I had gained. I wanted to become more efficient with skills and have done so. My goals are constantly changing because I am achieving and surpassing things that I never thought were possible. The coaches at SLCCF have helped me immensely by educating me on my diet and macros and by working with me on technique and form on a daily basis. They are always there to push and cheer you on to do your best during the daily WOD. SLCCF is a great place to come workout and become a better you. The coaches and the people you meet will definitely help you achieve your goals!”


  • Julia Reid

    Julia has been involved in CrossFit since 2010. You can depend on seeing her smiling face during an evening class at SLC CF. Despite the smile, she is always ready to get some serious work done.

    Here is Julia’s story:

    After my first total knee replacement I was really excited about being able to exercise again. I was bored with my usual gym routine so when my son suggested I try CrossFit with him I was intimated and interested all at once. He was a senior in high school wanting to join the military and he had faith in me from the beginning. “Come on Mom, you can do it!” he said. So I did and after my orientation at SLC CF I was hooked!

    The coaches at SLC CF make me feel safe, but also test my limits. I am encouraged to try things I haven’t done in 50 years, like somersaults and cartwheels! I am always happy to see wall balls programmed in a WOD, but burpees… not so much. I had a lifetime goal to deadlift 200 pounds, but had to create a new goal in April 2015 when I hit a 200 pound deadlift! My new lifetime goal is to hit a 225 pound deadlift.

    There is a quote on the wall at SLC CF from Pat Sherwood that says, “The goal is just to get fit! Make it the best hour of the day. Stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people and blow off some steam… so remember that. Relax, have fun and workout!” This is what CrossFit is for me. I love the loud music and the shared effort and encouragement. It is what keeps me coming back to SLC CF day after day!

    Well, Julia you are killing it so keep up the good work!

  • Lyndsie Hauck

    Lyndsie has been a member at Salt Lake City CrossFit since the summer of 2014. At the time she was a skeleton athlete prepping for olympic team trials and found a love for CrossFit in the process. Lyndsie has made significant growth with SLCCF and we love having her as part of the family! Keep it up Lyndsie!

    Here is Lyndsie’s story:

    “In the summer of 2014 I was attempting a comeback in the sport of skeleton. It’s similar to the bobsled, but slightly more insane. If you’re confused, I recommend pausing here and use the Google machine to catch up. I was a nationally ranked athlete for over a decade and decided to retire after missing the 2006 Olympics in Torino Italy.

    I went on to find a regular life, but whenever I saw World Cup highlights, or when the Olympic games were upon us… I still wanted to compete. I started working with a sprint coach and SLCCF’s coach,  Justin Dickson. I prepped, once again, for team trials. Long story, made really short I was strong enough to hang with the top girls, but not fast enough. My sprinting abilities have been surpassed by the younger and much faster.

    The competitive desire is still there, I love to enter a competition and push myself. Now enters CrossFit. The high intensity workouts are not unfamiliar to my past. Nevertheless, CrossFit is unique. I’ve found a lot of enjoyment from working on my many weaknesses, however, maybe not at the exact moment when I’m working on them.

    SLCCF has helped me in more ways than just what I listed above. I especially owe a lot to Justin, and all the coaches at SLCCF that have helped my journey thus far. The patience and the scaling options substituted for me, as I switch from a more “traditional” athlete to a CrossFit athlete, have been very appreciated. Without a sliver of hesitation I would recommend SLCCF to anyone. My small success story is only a drop in the bucket for Justin and his crew at SLCCF and I’m damn proud to wear the logo. Thank you!”


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