Blake bought this 2XL T-shirt when he first started with us. The other day he brought it back because it no longer fit. At SLC CrossFit we deliver great results because we offer a program that focuses on all aspects of fitness. Blake attends classes regularly and he’s sat down with our coaches to develop a personalized nutrition and mobility plan. If your fitness program doesn’t addresses mobility, nutrition, strength, or cardiovascular health then you’re just wasting time and risking potential injury. Quit wasting time and energy. Get your plan laid out for you today. Congratulations on all your hard work Blake, you’re looking good! Sorry for ruining your wardrobe!

Main – WOD

Yoga at 7:30 with Jessica tonight!


50 double unders

50 single unders

4 rounds of :20 each movement

air squats

hollow rocks

jumping jacks

wall walks


15-20 mins to complete:

5 rope climbs

3X max distance HS walk

3X max distance broad jump

5 mins butterfly pull-up practice


Metcon (Time)


KB swings 53/35

plate burpees

double unders


Easy 800m run

rest 2:00

:25 run at 85%

:35 walk



20 mins mobility

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 at 2:00 am / WOD