Salt Lake City CrossFit – WOD

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15 cals ski, bike, and rower!


Group warm-up starts 5 mins after the hour!


A1: Weighted ring rows (body parallel to floor) (3X12 increase weight with sets )

* only add weight if you’re able to RX the ring rows

Rest :30 between A1 and A2

A2: 1/2 kneeling arnold press (3X12/arm increase weight with sets )

Rest 1:30-2:00 between sets


Metcon (Time)

2 rounds:

15 of the complex:

power clean + hang power clean + 3 push press

rest 1:00

15 bar facing burpees

rest 1:00

Time cap 20

* Score the weight you completed the complex at below

Choose a challenging yet efficient weight to move

Power clean + hang power clean + 3 push press


500m row or 400m jog at an easy pace


3-5 mins group stretch

Friday, June 28th, 2019 at 2:00 am / WOD