Salt Lake City CrossFit – WOD

SLC Barbell will no longer be held Saturday afternoons. More info to come! Friday’s in July are being reserved for Hero workouts. Come get a great ass kickin’ and sweat a little for those that fought for our freedom! Red white and blue attire always makes a Hero WOD more fun!


200m run

Starting at garage and ending at cage down and back for each movement:

butt kicks

alt high kicks

high knees

burpee broad jump

lateral plank walk

inch worms w/1 push up


10 banded good mornings

10 ghd ext

10 ghd sit up

3-5 practice rope climbs



Glen (Time)

For Time:

30 Clean and Jerks, 135#

1-Mile Run

10 Rope Climbs, 15′

1-Mile Run

100 Burpees
In honor of Former U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, 42, of Winchester, MA, died in an attack on a U.S. consulate on September 11, 2012
To learn more about Glen click here


*EAST* (They did Glen on Independence Day, that’s why they get to do Badger)

Badger (Time)

Three Rounds for time of:

30 Cleans, 95#

30 Pull-ups

Run 800 meters
In honor of Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Virginia Beach, VA who was killed in Iraq 11 December 2007.
To learn more about Badger click here


3 rounds

2K row at 75%

increase to 85% last 200 meters of every 500m

rest 3:00 between rounds

Friday, July 10th, 2015 at 2:00 am / WOD