Salt Lake City CrossFit – WOD

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15 cal assault bike

15 cal row


Group warm-up starts on the hour!


A: Split Jerk (3-2-1-1-1 )

Work to a heavy single, rest as needed between sets

B: Pendlay Row (3-3-2-2-2, increase weight with sets )

Rest as needed


Metcon (Time)

10 power snatch 95/65

10 lateral bar over burpees

3 rope climbs

8 power snatch 135/95

8 lateral bar over burpees

2 rope climbs

6 power snatch 165/115

6 lateral bar over burpees

1 rope climb

*if you cannot do RX weight, start with a weight for the 10s that you can increase with each set


3-5 mins machine


Stretch and roll out!

Friday, August 30th, 2019 at 2:00 am / WOD